LASER Dentistry

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry- Laser dentistry is a gentle alternative to traditional dental tools.  A laser can perform many procedures with out an injection or using the drill.

Dental Lasers:

1. Kills microbes such as: bacteria, viruses and yeast.

2. Reduces inflammation, post operative swelling and pain

3. May speed healing with biostimulation

LASER Periodontal Treatment - allows us to treat periodontally involved teeth 'non-surgically' without scalpels or sutures.

Laser for Cavities - is one of the most advanced dental treatments today.  It is more comfortable, more convienient and more precise.

LASER Dentistry - Can improve a gummy smile, remove oral growths, fix a 'tongue tie', prevent gum recession and much more! All while encouraging Faster healing with less trauma!

  1. Laser Tooth Whitening
  2. Frenectomy
  3. Mouth Ulcers- Cold sore and Canker sore treatment, as well as treatment of Erosive LIchen Planus and chemotherapy induced mucositis
  4. Venous Lake Removal

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