"Not all dentists are good.  I had a terrible experience with one, and had to seek another dentist.  I found Dr. Margret Quimby here in Easton. Over the 85 years of my life, I’ve had eight dentists.  Margret Quimby, without a doubt, is the best dentist I’ve ever had.  She is thorough, careful, precise, pleasant and gentle.  I gained total confidence in her and her staff on my first visit.  I recommend Dr Margret Quimby to all of my family and friends."   - Bradley Anderson


"Fantastic. Excellent work and well educated staff. They made a scary experience very , very pleasant."    -Michael D.


"Excellent, quality service. Warm, friendly staff team. No waiting. No pain!" -Laverne W.


"Dr. Quimby and her office staff did everything to alleviate the fears of this chicken patient. All of my visits have been as comfortable as you can be in a dental chair. I left her smiling more than I have in years with beautiful tobacco stain-free front teeth!”   -Robyn F.


“I had the worst fear of dentists before I med Dr. Quimby and her staff. Because of their patience, and understanding I was able to decide to move forward with major dental work and never once had a sense of fear or dread when my appointment day came.  There is not a better dentist or dental staff anywhere. Thanks to you from the bottom of my heart for my new smile! I moved to New Jersey just before my work began and made the decision to continue with Dr. Quimby because of the excellent care!”   -Regina B.


"It is no secret to anyone that knows me including Dr. Quimby and her entire staff that I am terrified of the dentist. Well, thanks to Dr. Quimby and her staff I am finally getting over that fear little by little. They are amazing!! If you are looking for a dentist or are like me and don't go as often as you should, you should call them, they are great!!! Thank you guys, you are wonderful!!"     -Pam S.


“Many years ago I was in an auto accident; crushing my face into the steering wheel of the vehicle. Two days after the accident, I reported for basic training black and blue face and teeth barely hanging in my mouth. Over the years I had difficulty with my teeth and they were never really tight in my gums. I wanted a new smile and had conversation with Dr. Quimby. I hate the dentist not much as attorneys, but just the same I was a bit concerned with the process and maybe the results. At every level within the office, everyone makes you comfortable, and their concern is genuine. Margret has great personnel that function as a TEAM .  Her assistant Amanda was my “champion” and without her reassurance during my three trips the the office; I might still be walking around with a great smile. Yes, 52 years after that car wreck and I have a wonderful smile. You probably are getting the idea; I’m glad it’s over, but I cant thank Dr. Quimby and her entire staff enough for giving back my smile and additional “confidence”.

If you’re thinking about having it done; DO it- they get it done and you’ll love and enjoy the results! I’m a big guy; but not only was I a bit concerned; I was also a little chicken. Without Amanda and her encouragement along the way and Dr. Quimbys confident style, NONE of this could happen!

Enjoy my pictures and don’t hesitate to call me and get that smile we all deserve. You owe it to yourself to be a little selfish and smile!"

Warm Regards,   Dan H.


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